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November & December Tips

November Tips / Notes:

NOTE: Thanksgiving week, your schedule will be bumped up a day or two. No trimming, clean up or extra services will be performed this week, Schedule Today!

Tuesday customers: Monday

Wednesday/Thursday a.m.: Tuesday

Thursday/Friday: Wednesday

Trim, clean and mulch for the holidays

Continue to water landscape but not as much; cooler nights keep the grounds moist

Replace or Add any new shrubs and trees

Add color to your landscape for the holidays

Perennials: Dianthus, Dusty Miller
Annuals: Pansies, Kale
Evergreen: Lamb Ears, Rosemary

Remember we are here for you year around. We do much more than mow yards, trim shrubs and clean beds. Just give us a call.


December Tips:

Important tip to do before a freeze is to … water!

Usually, but not always, Mother Nature takes care of this and it rains, but if not, make sure your landscape and all container-grown plants are thoroughly watered prior to the freeze. This ‘seals’ the soil by filling pore-space with water, and it actually impedes the entry of that cold.

Also, ensure you mulch your plants well.